View the audio education course brochure onlineHaving trouble with memory? Not getting enough sleep? Listless? Often find yourself distracted at parties? You could be a Record Producer! Yes, you too could have what it takes to becoming a real life Audio Professional. arthousemedia regularly runs a series of Sound Recording, Mixing and Mastering workshops in Dunedin, with Engineer and Producer Paul Sammes.

If you feel your Home Recordings could be improved, or you are just starting out, our ‘Home Recording 101’ Workshop is for you. If you would like to learn how to improve your Recording and Mixing techniques then you may wish to consider our ‘Tools for Audio Professionals – Advanced Recording and Mixing with Avid Pro Tools’ Workshop. Or for those of you wishing to take the final step up in the Audio chain our ‘Art of Mastering – Finalising and Mastering Audio for Commercial Release ‘ will teach you the skills required to get your recordings on air.

A 25% discount is available to those Students wishing to complete two or more Audio Education Workshops.

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Home Recording 101

Home Recording 101

The ‘Home Recording 101 – An Introduction to Home Recording’ is the first and introductory stage in our series of Audio Education Workshops.

Our ‘Home Recording 101’ Audio Education Course aims to provide a practical, hands-on introduction to the world of Home Recording. We cover the basics of the Audio Production process from Recording to producing a finished Audio CD Master. Students will learn to Record, Edit and Mix Audio using the Industry Standard Avid Pro Tools software and develop key Skills and Strategies to achieve the best possible results from their Home Recording equipment.

Tools for Audio Professionals

Tools for Audio Professionals CourseThe ‘Tools for Audio Professionals – Advanced Recording and Mixing with Avid Pro Tools’
Workshop is the intermediate stage in our series of arthousemedia Audio Education Workshops

If you are looking to improve the clarity, depth and definition of your Audio Recordings and Mixes this workshop advances the core concepts and skills required to produce professional sounding results using Avid / digidesign’s Pro Tools software.

Students will be introduced to advanced Pro Tools methodologies, such as Control Surfaces, Recording Setups, Mix and Plugin Automation, Editing, System Optimisation, File and Session Management.

Additionally, the workshop aims to improve the quality of your Audio Recordings by developing a better practical and theoretical understanding of Equalisation, Dynamics and Time Based Effects, as well as improving Project Workflow and Resource Management.

The Art of Mastering

The art of mastering workshopThe ‘Art of Mastering – Finalising and Mastering Audio for Commercial Release’ course is the advanced stage in our series of Audio Education Workshops.This Course addresses the fundamental requirements of Finalising and Mastering Audio for Broadcast and Commercial Release.

Students will learn practical, hands-on, Creative and Technical processes, essential in preparing Audio for use in Music, Film, Radio, Television and Online. This will include an in-depth look at the technical aspects of Mastering, Analysing and Resolving Problems, Finalising a Mastered Audio Project, Industry-accepted Delivery Formats, the Production Process and the Business of Master Engineering.


Apple GarageBand training now available!

Apples GarageBand is a powerful and *Free audio and music creation and editing tool. Now also available on Apple iOS devices, GarageBand provides you all the tools to create, edit, mix and master professional sounding music and audio tracks at home or on the road.

Suitable for budding musicians of any age. GarageBand is a fantastic tool to create musical masterpieces, video soundtracks, ringtones or simply record the kids singing. Our “Introduction to Writing and Recording Music at Home with Apple GarageBand” training course can be taken over a weekend (2 x 6 hours) or as weekly 1 hour lessons over 12 weeks. Providing you or your children an exciting, creative and fun musical outlet. Please call 03 453 0446 for details.

*Free – requires Apple computer hardware or Apple iOS device to run. iOS version available from apple App Store at minimal cost.