Things that go boom!

31 May 2011

Dunedin rockers Ash & The Matadors have been in the studio with Producer Paul Sammes recording the single “Jetpack Blues” for their upcoming EP.

18 January 2011

Stage one renovations in the new studio are under way and we’ll be packing down and moving in by the end of February

December 26, 2010

Some sweet tracks. Mastered right here in Dunedin.

The Chills – Sweet Bites (Digital Deluxe Edition)
30 years of tasty treats from The Chills – Live and studio recordings This selection of remastered tracks covers the band and its progress from 1980 through to 2010. In addition to the 12 tracks recorded in the US, Holland, Australia and of course NZ there are two extremely rough recordings of the…

December 23, 2010

We have just added a Digidesign 882 20 DA to our mastering suite. Thank you very much Mr Andrew Rawlinson of Shed Studio Sydney. A great addition to pro tools 9 when mastering

December 18, 2010

Another day, another record down. Mastering by arthousemedia

Perreaux High End Audio Blog: Dunedin: Volume 1www.perreaux.comKick-arse hi fi amplifiers built and hand assembled in New Zealand since 1974.: Dunedin: Volume 1

December 5, 2010

All ahead full steam @ The arthouse.

Currently Mixing and Mastering tracks for Melbourne based UK Artist, Producer and Music industry identity, Bill Barsby… Another Classic Dunedin Music Compilation album booked in to master this week for And in a completely different NZ musical vine, starting on NZ electro/ rapper Tim Greenslades Debut.

And we are progressing in our hunt for a new studio location..

November 26, 2010

The Chills 30th anniversary release is finished and ready to be pressed. Sounds great if I do say so myself.

November 12, 2010

Just mixed a sweaty Rock N Roll track by Dunedin band Growler.

Tomorrow recording drums with Kane Strang.

Sunday Mastering 2 previously unreleased Chills Tracks.

Monday Sleep.

October 4, 2010

Just finished a voiceover script for a national geographic doco. Now onto a short drama film ADR.

October 2, 2010

The “Ghetto” Talkbox
MooT BooXLe demonstrates how he made a cheap talkbox out of common parts, for a very small amount of money and time. The idea for this project came from paranorm’s article here: This will NOT give you a sound like a pro ta…

September 29, 2010

Back in the studio Monday, with Michael Metzger recording more ADR for an upcoming nature documentary on the Oceans Kermadec Trench.

Fri 17 Sep 2010

Article from on the studio.

DMC talks to Paul Sammes of Arthousemedia

Cheers to Aaron and Scott for not making me sound too much like an obnoxious prick. Tough assignment.

19 August 2010

‘Pirate Rock’ band, Scurvy Dogs 4 track EP produced by Paul Sammes @ arthousemedia studios.

Listen to track ‘Pirate Blood’ here:

27 July 2010

Hello New Zealand… we’ve landed, the container of audio and video equipment has arrived safe and sound,  and we will hopefully be wired up in our temporary studios very soon