From Solo Artists to Large Groups, the arthousemedia studio is fully equipped to meet your recording needs. Our studio features a large vocal and drum recording booth, spacious and comfortable control and tracking rooms, Roland V Drums and an envious selection of classic microphones and instruments.


Many artists today choose to create and track their recordings at home, saving a good deal of pre-production time, then bring the files to be edited and mixed in a professional studio. At arthousemedia we regularly work this way with clients bringing us sessions they have either tracked at home or another studio facility. We are equally happy to have clients involved in the mixing process or to work on mixes remotely. Our in-house Engineer and Producer is available to discuss your project requirements, budget and expectations. For further information and bookings call Paul on 03 453 0446.


Mastering is the final stage in the audio chain, preparing your mixes for commercial release. Our in-house engineer Paul M Sammes has over 15 years Professional experience in Mastering and Finalising Music and Audio. For a sample of his work, please visit the ‘Our Clients’ page and click on the links.
Paul’s work can be heard on numerous albums , singles , commercials and feature films. To discuss your project contact Paul directly on + 64 (0) 27 299 8829 or email

Audio Restoration

If you have a precious sound recording, LP or archival footage that you would like restored and digitized, please contact us to discuss our dedicated Audio Format Conversion and Restoration Services.

Original Music Composition

If you require original music for your Video, Film, or Music production please contact us to discuss your project. We have produced Music backing tracks , Scores and Sound design for numerous Music and Film projects. We can also arrange session Musicians, Singers, Voice-over artists and assist with copyright and licensing.

Production Music & Jingles

If your business is looking to advertise on Radio or the Web, contact us to discuss your advertising needs. We can write and produce annoyingly original advertising Jingles and Production Music ready for commercial broadcast quick smart!

Voice Overs

If you require Voice Talent for your next Film, Video, Web or Video Game project we can provide you with experienced Voice Actors or alternately record and produce your Talent in our professional voice-over booth. We have provided Voice-over and Voice-over recording services to numerous businesses and organisations including 360 entertainment , Australian Dairy Farmers , Toitu Early Setters Museum, The NSW Govertment and Cinedream Pictures

Training & Education

If you have the desire to learn Audio Engineering or Music Production, please contact us to discuss our Audio Education Workshops. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have been experimenting with Audio for some time, we are able to help you learn and improve your Sound Recording, Mixing and Mastering skills. Our resident Engineer Paul M Sammes has many years experience as a lecturer in Audio and has taught at a number of educational facilities including Sydney Graphics College and The Australian Institute of Music

Protools Support and Studio Redesign

If your studio is in need of an upgrade or you simply want to get your spare room full of ‘investments’ working , call Paul on 03 453 0446. Paul is a former Avid Technology staffer (the people who make Pro Tools) and has many years experience designing and building working audio systems and studios. Paul can also provide Pro Tools support and system upgrades on-site in your home or studio.

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