New Track – These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For

OK so here it is. My first solo release. And it’s an Old Skool Electro Banger. One for the Star Wars nerds (you know who you are) and Conspiracy theorists alike. If you enjoy it please share it . If you hate it please also share it and annoy your friends.

Intense, brooding Industrial EDM, Trance and Techno from the dark side of the planet.

These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For is an electronic journey to the dark side of the psyche. A musical exploration of the human condition , both Good and Evil, Dark and Light . However, for those of us less dramatically inclined; it’s an Old Skool 4 minute Techno Banger for the Star Wars Nerds and Conspiracy Theorists. Enjoy!






Audio courses in Dunedin: Advanced mixing, Editing and Mastering techniques

learn-recording-mixing-or-mastering-in-dunedinAre you a bedroom music producer?
Ready to up-skill and take your mixes to the next level?

Throughout November – December I’ll be running another series of short courses in Advanced mixing , editing and Mastering techniques.

Email for details


New Track: Sir David Gray

A song for the Scottish Cup Winners 2016! Made in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Sir David Gray” is the new song from Scurvy Dogs’ Iain Johnstone, and it’s a football anthem in the making. Big sound, and easy to join in.

Have a listen, and share it around:


New Release: Fallen Horses By Dave Coleclough

Fallen Horses by Dave ColecloughIf you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you would have seen that Dave Coleclough was in the studio recording recently.

The track was “Fallen Horses” and is a powerful tribute to ANZAC WWI horses and soldiers. Written by Dave Coleclough and Steven Gatto, produced by Paul M Sammes.

Dave has made this available for download from Bandcamp,  Reverbnation and Soundcloud, so make sure you check it out.

You can find Dave Coleclough on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or


The EP “His Songs” from Ronél Hunter is out

Album cover for the EP "His Songs"Ronél Hunter was in the studio recording her first EP, “His Songs” with us recently.  The EP is now up on iTunes, and all the profit from the sales of the track “Set the captives free” will go to Nvader to help fight sex trafficking.

“I don’t want to die one day with heaps of unwritten songs still in my bones. (2 Kings 13:21) I want to write and share them and I encourage you to join me!” -Ronél Hunter

You can find Ronél via her website,  Facebook, oryoutube

Coverage of “Let No Man Steal Your Thyme”

Holly McPhee had a great feature article with Shane Gilchrist in the Otago Daily Times last week, discussing her debut album “Let No Man Steal Your Thyme”. If you missed getting the print issue you can read the article here: Past, future converge in the studio. 

To quote Paul: Buy this. It’s good. I did very little . Holly just sang and I yelled “next!”

In the ODT: Dunedin folk singer Holly McPhee (21) has just released her debut album. Photo by Peter McIntosh. Copyright

In the ODT: Dunedin folk singer Holly McPhee (21) has just released her debut album. Photo by Peter McIntosh.



Dunedin Sound Engineers in the news

There was a great feature piece in this weekends Otago Daily Times  looking at Dunedin sound engineers:

  • Dale Cotton
  • Tex Houston
  • Paul Sammes
  • Michael Holland
  • Iain Sweetman

Read full article:

Paul Sammes - mastering engineer - In the Otago Daily Times, working with Mr Ronnie Stash

Paul Sammes’ house is not far from Houston’s.

Sitting proudly on the corner of a street, its wooden weatherboards hide a treasure trove of technological wizardry, much of which Sammes packed into a shipping container when he returned to Dunedin in 2010, having lived overseas since the mid-’90s.

A tech-geek’s dream, the top floor of Samme’s home (his business is called arthousemedia) is brimful of state-of-the-art digital recording equipment, amassed over a career that spans three decades and includes studio work in Australia, Asia and the US, lecturing at the Australian Institute of Music, marketing for industry giant Digidesign, as well as film post-production and sound design.

“Most of my time now is predominantly as a mastering engineer,” Sammes explains.

“I produce stuff for local bands, but also do fly-ins from Australian and American artists and some film post-production work, including voice-overs.”

His list of clients ranges from pop, rock, electronic and folk acts, to a Samoan choir and Christian groups.

This week, he has been working on a contemporary country album with Dunedin performers Bevan Gardiner and Georgie Daniel.

Having played in a range of Dunedin bands, Sammes understands most of those involved in music in the city are not the “most well-financed”.

For many, it is a hobby as opposed to a career.

“So for New Zealand Music Month last year, I did a deal where I scaled my hourly rate to the earnings of the person doing the recording. So if a person was on minimum wage, I’d work for the same. I did that because you always get accused of ripping people off.

“The thing is, equipment costs money. I have a million dollars worth of gear here; some of my microphones cost $5000 each. I have a lot of money invested in it.”

Sammes acknowledges there is a strong DIY ethic among Dunedin musicians who, like their peers around the world, have been able to access relatively inexpensive recording equipment, including the rise of computer-based platforms.

Yet, such technological empowerment does not necessarily equate to quality, he says.

“Sure you can record stuff on your laptop using Garageband – and people have made good recordings this way – but if you want to compete with others … it’s like driving a Mini and hoping you’ll win a Formula 1 race.”

Take Me Home – The Music & Life of John Denver

The folks from show Take Me Home – The Music & Life of John Denver  have been in recording a new CD recently. They had Melanie Jenkins  from Melt Photography in, and got some great shots of Beavan and Georgie (and some pretty awesome gear). Beavan and Georgie - Melt Photography - Take me Home 2 Beavan and Georgie - Melt Photography - Take me Home

Holly McPhee in the Clutha Leader

Holly McPhee had a nice piece in the Clutha Leader, on her music, her performances and the recording of her CD. Holly McPhee in the Clutha Leader


Who Knows Where the Time Goes – Holly McPhee

Great voice. Definitely one to watch. Recorded here throughout July – Sept